“Cristache Gheorghiu’s landscapes are very well organized, very well thought. Alongside N. Codreanu, who is a virtuoso, he succeeded in catching the beauty of frosty winters and the other seasons… With much nostalgia and sound of pastel, he succeeds to express the transparency of water...”

Aurelia Stoe-Marginean, painter,

At the opening of the exhibition, February the 1th 1990

“Cristache Gheorghiu is a painter who works with a non-dissembled pleasure at his works. Keeping respect to the reality, he cultivates a decanted representational art, from which the necessity of sincere and gently confession comes through. Refusing the pure spontaneity and dominated by the mirage of evasion toward the ineffable of a possible reality, consequent from filtering lived facts and projected in a cosmic universe, creates interesting chromatic symphonies… Avoiding the monotony, he organizes the images in formations of chromatic stripes, which firmly assembles strained fragments in compositions between order and chaos.”

Veronica Bodea Tatulea,

Opening retrospective exhibition, January 2007