"...Well, skyscrapers do not lack in Cristache Gheorghiu's paintings! As any European who hides in his soul a bit of romanticism, the painter Gheorghiu succeeds in humanising the skyscrapers. Ignoring the detail, impossible to be transfigured in an artistic way, due to the size of the subject, the painter knows how to suggest the atmosphere of the big American towns, skyscrapers being only a mark, a symbol...."

"On the other hand, in the exhibition we encounter two other sections: one of the Romanian landscapes, in which we feel at home, and the other, of the portraits."

"The works from this last section show us a master painter, one that endows his portraits with the gift of communicating with us, the lookers..."

"Indisputably, Cristache Gheorghiu is one of the representative painters of Brasov."

Ioan Popa - "Gazeta de Transilvania", 9 February 1997