"Mr. Cristache Gheorghiu offers to anybody who loves beauty a reason for delight. The vitality and the generosity of the colour, the personality of the compositions and the refinement of the artistic language, bring together in these landscapes, descended from the four seasons, a seductive harmony. The open landscapes seem to breathe light. The colour, sometimes in unprecedented association, is bestowed by talent, being the bet won by the artist with himself and the mirage of the landscapes."

"It emphasises the joy, felt by the painter in contact with the nature that he transfigures. The communication is, obviously, at the level of artistic impression."

"The works inspire a sense of tidiness, everything being in its place and showing nature thoroughly. The looker cannot be but delighted by the richness of emotions that overflow these paintings. They are capable of bringing to the looker's mind and soul a fragment of the unborn. Cristache Gheorghiu's paintings deserve attention, the aesthetic satisfaction being granted."

I.O. Flavius - "Gazeta de Transilvania", May the 20th 1993

"What a pleasant surprise! These paintings show us an artist with a very sophisticated sense of colour, a master of the composition, of choosing the right landscape, and also a gifted and sensitive portraitist."

Prof. Sassu Ducsoara, February the 14th 1997