".... Cristache Gheorghiu distinguishes himself as a creator with multiple possibilities of painting the figurative, in a modern, artistic way. He develops the genre of lyric landscape in a realistic way, with a harmonious and sensitive language, while playing with light and shade. There are two leading lines in his creation: the exactness of the notation and the respect towards the finished work..."

"Cristache Gheorghiu fits with exactness the topic on the page, and wraps it up with profound emotions, increased by his ability to render the surrounding atmosphere."

"Through these skills we are presented with the same location, during different moments in time! But, in all these cases, his toils inspire a calm and quiet atmosphere, full of equilibrium..."

"From a series of portraits, the author has chosen only a few, the consequence of a stringent exigency."

"Compositional portraits, which catch an action or a movement, portraits catching the expression of the soul, portraits which arise from the relation between man and landscape..."

"Cristache Gheorghiu is a master of the perspective, he shows much chromatic sensibility; and a great exigency in the choice of topics, which already ensures him a well-defined place in the world of Brasov's landscape-painters."

Anca Pop, art critic,

opening the one-man exhibition, February the 1th 1990