"Cristache Gheorghiu is pre-eminently a landscape painter. Not just an occasional or circumstantial one, but one to whom landscape is a way of communicating with other people. I do not know if Cristache Gheorghiu ever wrote poetry, but it is clear that his landscapes are, in fact, a sort of poems, the poetic word having being replaced with lines and colours..."

"His landscape is a lyrical tale about the world in which the artist lives, from which he picks up the images through which he wants to tell us about his inner feelings at a certain moment and place. For example, a landscape named "Scheii Brasovului" (a district of the town) is a landscape somehow fabulous. This area, so familiar to us, the Romanians, is seen from high up and is reduced to its essence. The red-coloured roofs of the houses appear as "small caps", or mushrooms, in the shadow of which we expect to see Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs!"

"Landscapes, but of another style, are the suggestive "reportage" brought by the artist from America. Works bearing names as "Sacramento", "Downtown", "New York", "Los Angeles", "Chicago" etc., are emblematic for large urban agglomerations characterised by skyscrapers. Such works are American only in their topic, being somewhat different. This is something different, that bears the artist's spiritual mark, who tells us about what he felt towards the "New World" in every one of these paintings. The colours, lines, composition in these works are sometimes calm, harmonious articulate, and sometimes restless."