Your paintings suggest open air and happiness. I love the positive outlook of the peace filling settings. The use of color sugests life…

Mattew Lund, Utah, USA, January 1999

I love your paintings. Good luck with your work, and I look forward to hearing about you again.

Hickok, Utah, USA, January, 1998

It has been a pleasure getting to know you. You have a great talent for painting and God has blessed you with many other talents as well. I wish you success in everything you do, and maybe we'll be able to meet again sometime down the road.

Brant Stewart, Henderson, NV, USA, 26 January, 2001

I've really enjoyed visiting with you… I have a lot to learn about this great art. But I wish you luck at the exciting time as you've opened your art gallery…

Brando Ripplinger, Brigham, Ut, USA, 26 January 2001